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Accessing The Counselor Reporting Dashboard

After registration, counselor accounts are reviewed before access is granted. It may take a few days to be approved by our staff. The account will be locked until it is approved.
For security purposes, we only approve counselor accounts registered under an official school email address, no personal emails will be accepted.

Registration/Log In:
High school counselors can register themselves at Use the "Sign In" button in the top right-hand corner of the page to access the login portal.

Whether accessing an existing account or registering for a new account, ensure the correct school is entered. It’s often easiest to search for the school by ZIP code:

When approved, you will gain access to the dashboard.  Please allow 2-3 business days as we manually approve all counselors (for security reasons).

Counselor Portal Dashboard:

A few notes about the counselor portal dashboard:
  1. Students can be bulk registered via “Express Student Pre-Registration.” Learn how here: How To Express Register Students
  2. Student barcodes can be downloaded by either “Print A Single Student Barcode” or “Print Student Barcodes” from within the table. 
  3. The ability to “Print Your Counselor Barcode” is available within the table as well.
  4. The Student Attendance Report shows how many students attended that fair.
  5. Click on an event name to view the students that attended.
  6. Events can be filtered by search, event name, start date, location, or EventId.
  7. Student reports are sorted by event date and student graduation year.
  8. Student attendance reports are available for download via Excel or CSV. 
College Interest Report:

The College Interest Report identifies how many students were scanned by a particular college over the past three years. 
The CIR is available for download via Excel or CSV.

For more on your dashboard reports, read this article  Reports and Features In The Counselor Reporting Dashboard

For more information about counselor dashboards, watch this short video: