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Counselors: Setting Up College Visits

Before Getting Started:
  1. Register for a GoToCollegeFairs Counselor Account (please note it may take up to 3 business days to confirm counselor accounts)
  2. Already have one? Login here. For more information, see Accessing The Counselor Reporting Dashboard

Step 1:
On the counselor reporting dashboard, look at the three year trends in the College Interest Report. This a great tool to determine what colleges have shown the most interest in your students. 

Pro Tip: Click on the Students Scanned column to order the report from most scans to least scans. 

Step 2:
Reach out to your contacts from the colleges with the the most interest and engagement in students. Invite them each for a High School Visit.

Step 3:
Register your students for barcodes. There are two methods for registering students:
  1. ) Express Registration from your counselor dashboard
  2. ) Instruct your students to register themselves

A.) Express Registration

At the top of the GTCF counselor dashboard, select the Express Student Pre-Registration link

Download the template Excel file and enter the student information

Click the links for Select Fair > View All Fairs

Check the box for All 'High School Visits' and select Add Fairs

Select Choose File & Upload. Select the completed Excel file from your computer.

A preview will appear to confirm all of the information is correct. Click Submit to complete the registration.

All students will receive an email with their individual barcode upon submission. This email will also contain a link for students to edit their registration information. Students are strongly encouraged to fill out the remainder of the registration info.

For more information on the GoToCollegeFairs Counselor Dashboard and Express registration, please see: Reports and Features In The Counselor Reporting DashboardHow To Express Register Students (Bulk Registration)

B.) Individual Student Registration

Instruct students to go to and select Students: Register for College Fairs

Fill out the registration information. On the Fair Selection page, check the box for All 'High School Visits'

Finish the rest of the registration information. Upon completion, a barcode will be produced and emailed to the registrant email address. Bring this barcode to school for the college representative to scan.

If a student enters their mobile number, a barcode will be texted. Barcodes can be scanned directly from a phone. Message and data rates may apply.

For more information on how to register for a High School Visit, please see Students: Registering For High School Visits
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