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How to Operate Booths for Virtual Fairs

Before Getting Started:
  1. Register for a virtual college fair: How to Register as a College for Virtual Fairs
  2. Log in to FairStopHow to Access the Virtual Venue (FairStop)
  3. Set up a virtual booth in FairStop. See: How to Set up a Virtual Fair Booth
Operate Booths

On the day of the fair, select 'Operate Booths' from the FairStop home page:

The top of the Operate Booths page displays:
  1. Event name
  2. Date/time that chat is live (when reps should be available to chat with students)
  3. Overview of the booth activity (booth stats update on five-minute intervals)
  4. Link to lead portal
  5. Link to group video chat 

Active Booth Visitors

  1. When students enter a booth, they will appear in the active booth visitors widget
  2. Click on the attendee in 'Active Booth Visitors' to begin a message thread
  3. When a student requests a chat, they will appear under 'New Chat Requests'
    1. When a chat is initiated, attendees will move to 'Ongoing Conversations'
  4. Attendees will remain in 'Active Booth Visitors' as long as they are present in the booth, no matter their chat status
  5. All reps operating the booth can see all active booth visitors

  1. Once a chat has been initiated, the attendee will appear greyed out with hover pop up indicating which rep they are connected with

Ongoing Conversations
  1. Shows all existing messages for that particular rep/booth operator
  2. To reopen a 1:1 message, click on the existing conversation
Pro Tip: Best practice is to dedicate 1 or 2 reps to 1:1 messaging.

1:1 Message Features

  1. Click the video camera icon to enable video chat
  2. Click  to download the conversation
  3. Add attachments using the paperclip icon at the bottom of the messaging window

Attendee Info

On the right side of the 1:1 Messaging window is the attendee info pop up. This is populated with the current attendee information including:
  1. Name
  2. Attendee Type
  3. Attributes matched/percentage matched
This window will change when selecting a new attendee to chat with. 

Group Video Chat

We suggest as a best practice to have at least one rep in the group video chat. Some students are more comfortable here than in a 1:1 message. 
Group Video Chat can be hosted right in FairStop, no need for a third-party platform.

Using the cog icon in the group video chat task bar, open Settings > More > check the boxes for 'Everyone starts muted' & 'Everyone starts hidden' to ensure everyones' privacy.

Click the red phone when finished. 

There are multiple features and functionalities for student engagement in the virtual college fair booth.  We recommend practicing with a colleague before the live virtual fair.  Here is a look at the entire operate booths page:

Here is a short video explaining the college booth:

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