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How to Opt-Out of Sharing Student Data

Before getting started: 
  1. Understand what matchmaking is and how it can be beneficial. See: What is College Matchmakingâ„¢?

During registration, check the box that says "Review/Update Preferences."

Read through our Privacy Policy. This page reviews how information is stored, shared, and our data policy compliance.

For more information on data sharing, see: Student Data

At the bottom of the page there will be the option to 'Update Match Making Preferences.'

Select 'No' and click continue to opt-out of matchmaking.

Matchmaking is the only service that can be opted-out during the registration process.  Basic student data sharing is required for fair registration.  This data will be shared with colleges, this is the core of our service offering.  If you do not wish to share ANY data with colleges, please do not register for a college fair.  You may certainly attend in-person fairs without registration and sharing of your barcode, however this barcode does expedite your fair experience.  All students attending virtual fairs must be registered, for security purposes.

At any time, you may view the colleges with whom you have shared your information.  For more on this, read See Schools That Scanned Me
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