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How To Register As A College For Virtual Fairs

Before Getting Started:
  1. Use the link to the registration page provided by the college fair organizer.
Note: Registration sites will differ from organization to organization, so the below screen shots may look slightly different than your experience, but the important features will be included on all sites.
From the registration home page, click on the 'Register Here' button (the look/wording may differ from site to site).

Or use the menu in the top right hand corner of the page and click on the 'Register' page. 

Set the registrant type to 'College' and complete the required fields. Save the email and password credentials for later, they will grant colleges access to the virtual fair. For more information see, How To Access The Virtual Venue (FairStop)

Using the check boxes, select the correct virtual fairs. 

'Filter By State' will open up a drop down menu that allows registrants to filter fairs by state.

Fill out the Institution Info page. 
IMPORTANT: This email corresponds with the credentials for your secure lead portal with GoToCollegeFairs. Most colleges ALREADY HAVE an existing lead portal with GTCF.
Please check with your admissions office staff for the correct email. If more than one secure lead portal is created, your admissions office may have difficulty keeping track of where to check for new leads.
If a lead portal does not exist, an email will be sent to this address to set up an account for the secure lead portal. 

The final step of college registration is to fill out matchmaking info.  Colleges will receive leads for all students whose answers correspond to four or more matchmaking questions.  4 matches = close match;  5 matches = best match. Related Article: What Is Matchmaking?

Warning: Matchmaking must be completed at the time of registration. If matchmaking questions are not answered before student registration opens, colleges will miss out on student leads.

We suggest as a best practice to complete matchmaking with registration. It should take no more than 3 minutes to complete the matchmaking questions.

The next steps include: 
Populate the media library: Media Library: Overview
Setting up a virtual booth: How To Set Up A Virtual Fair Booth

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