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How to Set up a Virtual Fair Booth

Before Getting Started:
  1. Register for a virtual college fair: How to Register as a College for Virtual Fairs
  2. Login to FairstopHow to Access the Virtual Venue (FairStop)
  3. Populate My Media Library. Related Articles: Media Library: Overview‚Äč

From the FairStop Dashboard, go to My Booths.

Under the 'Actions' column, click on the 'Update' button next to the correct event.

Booths are specific to each fair. We recommend creating a booth for each fair planning organization as a best practice.

Booth Information

Fill out basic info including:
  1. Booth Name
  2. Institution Name
  3. Pick a booth logo and directory logo
    1. Choose from the dropdown list if uploaded in My Media Library or upload directly into the booth setup.
  4. Fill in the About section

Contact Information

Fill in the contact information using the correct URLs. These will be links on the booth page. 


Select the videos to be displayed on the booth page.  Drag and drop to adjust the order videos appear on the booth.

The top video slot is the featured video and corresponds to the booth as such:

Add up to 10 links and 10 files/documents from My Media Library to be displayed in the virtual booth. The order in the media setup will correspond to the order of appearance in the booth. 

For presentations to display in a virtual booth and the Presentations module, go to My Media Library > Presentations > edit the desired presentation.

Select the correct event in the 'Event' dropdown menu. The presentation will now display in the Presentations module and virtual booth for that event. 

This step can be done when populating the media library or during booth setup. To utilize the same presentation across multiple events, repeat this step and choose the current event. 


Enable or disable the different chat functions (1:1 Message & Group Video Chat).

FairStop has group video chat embedded in the platform.  No need for a third-party link.  However, if you are more comfortable with your own platform, enter the location of the group video chat in the text field (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.).

Search Filters

Go through the list of filters and check all that apply to your institution. This will enable students to filter schools at the fair, improving the quality of your leads.

Booth Preview

Use the Booth Preview button to see what the virtual booth will look like from the students' perspective. 
Use the Booth Lists button to return to the list of booths.

Once a booth is set up, learn more about operating the booth on the live event days here: How to Operate Booths for Virtual Fairs
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