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How to Register Students for College Fairs

There are two ways to register students through GoToCollegeFairs:
  1. High school counselors can fill out the Express Student Registration form located in the counselor dashboard. Read related article: Express Registration
  2. Students can register themselves at
How to Register as a Student:
From the Fair Selection Page, navigate to the desired fair's register button. 

Locate the register button on the opened website.

If already registered and wish to add another fair, select 'Modify Existing Registration / Add More Fairs'.


Complete the registration form, filling in all sections denoted with an asterisk (*).
Make sure to select 'Student' as the registration type. Complete the rest of the profile information and click continue.

Select the correct fair.

After selecting a fair, students will fill out their desired college attributes including:
  1. Geographic Region
  2. Campus Size
  3. Campus Setting
  4. Institution Type
  5. Majors Offered
Colleges also want to collect info like date of birth, high school, academic interests, grad date and when the student plans to enroll. Upon completion of registration, students will receive a text message and email containing their barcode (standard messaging rates apply).  
Note: Barcodes will only be sent for in-person fairs, not virtual fairs. 
Barcodes can be scanned directly from a phone, or print and save the barcode for the fair day!

Students have the right to opt-out of data sharing practices with universities. This must be done for each association's registration. Read related article: How to Opt-Out of Sharing My Student Data

For more information about how and why to register students, view this short video:

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