Student Data Handling Practices

Student Data Handling Practices

As a company that handles large amounts of student data, we believe it is our obligation to maintain a high level of ethics in data security and sharing practices, even beyond what is required by regulations governing these issues. The data we collect, how we share it, and who we share it with is set out in our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (attached below). GoToCollegeFairs will only share student data through our secure lead portal. We will NEVER share student data through email. 
[Colleges: to access your secure lead portal, see this article: Accessing Student Lead Data. If you do not have a GoToCollegeFairs secure lead portal, see this article: Setting Up A Secure Lead Portal.]

We collect student data based on the guidelines set out in all known data protection regulations, and we layer on our own higher standards in many cases. The information we collect includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Identifiers (such as your account username, account password, or phone number);
  2. Customer Records Information (such as your name, address, phone number or education
  3. records);
  4. Characteristics of Protected Classifications (such as your gender or race);
  5. Commercial Information (such as dates and names of college fair attendance or registrations)
  6. Education Information (such as your education history, schools attended, graduation term, class rank, grades and grade point average, standardized test scores, student type(transfer or high school), intended majors, academic interests, college start term enrollment plans (including countries and institutions of interest), or sports or activities with which you are involved).

The data points which we collect are classified as directory information by FERPA, but FERPA is just one regulation governing the collection, storage, and distribution of student data. We’re compliant with all known regulations governing student data. We have regular internal reviews to examine changes to any standing regulations, and to discuss newly adopted regulations in state, federal, or international arenas. In adherence to these regulations and our own higher standard of ethics surrounding student data, we do not email student data in any situation.  Rather, we require secure, credentialed access to all student data portals.

As your trusted partner, you can rely on us for the highest standards of student data handling.

Students: Wondering how to delete your data from our system (in compliance with the GDPR right to be forgotten)? See this article: Student Data Erasure.