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Understanding Lead Data

Lead file format was updated on April 21, 2023.
*Important Attachments Below*
Before Getting Started:
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  4. Download lead files in either Excel or CSV

Understanding The Data

  1. Row 1 shows the title for each column
  2. Each row represents a different student
  3. Column AI (LeadRank) refers to the student rank (hot, medium, or cold) selected by the rep when scanning. If no rank was selected, it will be blank.
  4. Columns AK though AO contain College Matchmaking® data. Related Article: What is College Matchmaking®?
  5. Column AJ (RepInsights) includes notes from the rep at the time of the in-person scan.
  6. Column AH (VirtualActivity) specifies what the student clicked on in the virtual booth. See the attachments below for more information on these values.
Attachments below: 
  1. PDF of the lead file export format with field descriptions and address verification information
  2. Excel export of the lead file
  3. PDF overview of accessing lead data with the descriptions of values in the AH (Virtual Activity) and AK - AO columns (College Matchmaking® Data)

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