Why do I need a CEEB code?

Why do I need a CEEB code?

Before getting started, you might want to watch this video on the benefits of a counselor account with GoToCollegeFairs:

To register for a counselor account at GoToCollegeFairs your school must have a CEEB code.  This code is produced and managed by College Board, and it provides a universal way for us to track and manage high schools in our database. 

Because we take the security of student data seriously, we do not permit counselors to obtain an account if they do not have the following two verification tools:
  1. an official school email address (gmail, hotmail, etc. will not be approved)
  2. a CEEB code for the high school
We do understand that some high schools share a CEEB code (charter and magnet schools may be under a larger district school, for example) and that is fine.  Please use the official CEEB that is appropriate for your school.

Thank you for joining us in the effort to keep student data secure by adhering to these safe handling practices.  We know that security can sometimes cause inconvenience, but we hope you agree, students are worth that extra effort. 

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