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Accessing Student Lead Data

Before Getting Started:

  1. Read Related Article: Setting Up A Secure Lead Portal
  2. The email address used to create the lead portal must match the email address used for ‘Lead Email’ from the in-person fair/virtual college fair registration or access code purchase.
  3. For In-Person Fairs: Create/connect the lead portal after placing the scanning app order.
  4. For Virtual Fairs: Wait until college registration has closed to create a new lead portal. 
Pro Tip: Have an existing lead portal? Be sure to use that when registering for college fairs. Using your existing lead portal email for new fair registrations will ensure all leads from all fairs populate in one portal.

Accessing Student Lead Data:

Whether accessing an existing account or registering for a new account, use the ‘lead email’ associated with the college fair registration

Student data is available in real-time through the lead portal.

Lead Portal
Here is an image of the lead portal

A few notes about the lead portal dashboard:
  1. Leads are not accessible if there is a balance due on the account.  When paying by check, leads are not available until we have received and processed the payment.
  2. View lead data using dropdown menus or search for specific fairs, users, etc.
  3. Lead files are bold until downloaded.
  4. Leads are sorted by event date, event name, access code, and end-user.  Use the arrow in each column to sort.
  5. Download leads in Excel or CSV - Click the icon under the ‘Download’ section to download the appropriate file format.
Pro Tip: Click on the ‘attendee’ number (in blue) for a quick view of student data on screen (this is not the complete lead report). 

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