College Matchmaking® Annual Subscription vs. Included with a Fair

College Matchmaking® Annual Subscription vs. Included with a Fair

What is College Matchmaking®? Read about it here.

If you have participated in a fair where College Matchmaking® was included, first, congrats on getting way more leads. You may have also wondered how it differs from our annual subscription product

Aren't they the same thing? Nope.
  1. When College Matchmaking® is included at a college fair...
When College Matchmaking® is included at a fair (in-person or virtual), you will receive matches for students who have opted-in to this service during their registration for that specific fair. That means colleges are getting more leads (woo hoo!) but only from the students attending that particular fair.  This presents a great opportunity for matched colleges and students to connect in a relevant way, because being a match is a great conversation starter at the fair.
  1. College Matchmaking® Annual Subscription...
When you order the College Matchmaking® annual subscription, you will receive matches for students who have opted-in from a wider audience than one specific fair. GoToCollegeFairs markets this service to students registering for ALL of our college fairs. If they opt-in, you can be matched with them! 
Typically the first lead set from this subscription service is 2000+ students. Remember, these are highly qualified students because they have selected the attributes of your campus as attractive to them. Unlike typical name-buy services, College Matchmaking­® is student-driven, which provides a more qualified lead for the college.
The leads will continue to flow in all year. As students sign up and are matched with you, their data will be sent to your lead portal.  Check your portal each week on 'Matchmaking Monday' for new leads!
How do we define a match?
At least four of five attributes the student selects must match with a college for them to be matched.  We don't think less than that is a true match, so again, you can count on these leads to be highly qualified.

If the fairs my institution participates in already include College Matchmaking®, why should I buy the subscription?
Simple. No matter how many fairs might already include it, you can't be at every fair and meet every student.  The annual subscription helps you to cast a wider net than you can at college fairs alone.

Learn more and order today on our website.

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