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Different Emails Required for GTCF MobileScan App Order

There are THREE (3) potential emails that can be associated with an access code. These emails are typically used by different people at different points along the product funnel. 

Secure Lead Portal Email:
This is the address entered under “Email address to receive scanned student data” during the ordering. 

This is used to create/log in to the secure lead portal. Secure Lead Portal Overview
This email must be used when adding to an existing order (along with an access code).

End-User Email:
Different end-user emails can be entered when ordering multiple access codes. After the order is placed, the access code is sent to this address.

The end-user email is also used when setting up a profile in the app:
This should be the email of the college rep attending a fair.
Instant Student Connect emails will be sent from this address and also contain this address for student reply.
It can be changed at any time from the “Profile” page. Related Article: Setting Up A Profile

IMPORTANT: This email will typically not be used to access student leads. 

College Ordering Email:
Some colleges have different departments handling ordering/accounting and admissions. In this case, the email address entered at billing can be different from the email used for the secure lead portal. This email will NOT be able to access lead data.  GTCF will use this email address to communicate any billing questions after the order is placed.

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